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Tile Flooring Guide

Built to stand the test of time, it’s no wonder why tile remains a flooring favorite. Tile flooring has been used inside and outside dwelling spaces for centuries. It goes far beyond fleeting trends. With its infinite staying power and its ability to beautify all your favorite gathering areas, tile is truly remarkable. It’s a fabulous pick for your floors, backsplash, walls, and showers.

At Custom Floors Carpet One in Sarnia, ON, we carry an extensive collection of indoor and outdoor tile flooring, wall tile, and decorative tile. If you’re considering adding new tile to your home, or to your place of business, look no further.

Types of Tile

Which type of tile is right for your space? Well, it depends entirely on your needs and tastes, but here are basics on three of the most popular tile types:

Ceramic tile: Ceramic tile is a beautiful, awe-inspiring tile choice available to homeowners. With its endless design options and styles, ceramic is a popular material used for flooring and backsplashes. It is common to see a combination of designs by using different ceramic tiles in one space. When you combine tiles, you create a customized tile accent which can add value to your home. Ceramic is also budget-friendly, allowing homeowners to upgrade their space on a budget. If you want a tile that is stylish and durable, consider ceramic tile

Porcelain tile: Porcelain tile is a type of ceramic tile that’s finished at a much higher temperature during the firing process. A denser tile than its ceramic cousin, porcelain tile is resistant to heat and moisture. Because of its durability, it can be used for floors, backsplashes, and even for outside applications. Porcelain is not prone to cracking or breaking under most circumstances and is ideal for high traffic homes.

Stone tile: Stone tile is made using natural stones and minerals, such as granite, travertine, slate, and marble. Since it’s made by Mother Nature, it’s no surprise that stone tile works great in natural landscapes. It’s also a solid choice for your indoor entryway and fireplace. Stone tiles are quarried from unusual places. One of the unique things about stone tiles is that no two are identical. The one-of-a-kind look that stone tiles bring to rooms cannot be duplicated. For this reason, stone tiles are highly sought after. Though stone tiles are porous and must be treated to be moisture resistant, they can be installed as flooring and as a backsplash, if they are treated.

Wood look tile: Wood look tiles are a contemporary flooring option that’s growing in popularity. With our hot, humid summers and cold winters, seasonal changes can impact real wood floors and lead to cupping and gapping issues. For a low-maintenance alternative, consider faux wood tiles. Each plank tile features the beautiful natural shades and grain patterns of popular hardwood species like pine, oak, maple, birch, and more. We offer grout-free, click-lock installations, as well as tiles that have very subtle grout lines.

Besides its interesting and sophisticated appearance, high-end clients sometimes prefer tile that looks like wood for its amazing performance features. Real hardwood floors can be susceptible to moisture, leading to warping and other issues. Faux wood tiles are water-repellent, durable, and will stay looking beautiful even in the most humid rooms. This type of flooring is perfect if you like the way hardwood looks in bathrooms and kitchens. We also have customers who install it throughout their homes, including living rooms and bedrooms. Porcelain wood tiles are an option for certain business spaces like downtown shops and salons.

Tile Installation

Tile flooring is an extremely versatile home product. It can be installed virtually anywhere in the home. Because it is moisture resistant, tile is especially popular in kitchens and bathrooms. Regardless of where you choose to install tile, you can take advantage of an endless number of design options.

Although tile is a popular flooring option, it isn't restricted to floors. Tile can be installed on walls and backsplashes, for example. Wall tile and backsplash tile is usually smaller and less durable than floor tile, emphasizing fine design.

There are compelling reasons to choose tile flooring and wall tile. Tile makes a wonderful and dramatic first impression. It’s bold colours and textures really make your space stand alone. Tile also manages to stay both classical and modern. New innovations in the industry constantly offering up additional design and application possibilities. Tile is also fully customizable, making it possible to create a space that’s truly all your own.

Our Tile Collection

As a member of Carpet One Floor & Home, Custom Floors Carpet One boasts the buying power of over a thousand stores yet remains closely tied to its local community’s preferences and needs. We are a locally owned and operated member of North America’s largest cooperative of independently owned flooring stores. This means we’re the perfect team to take on your upcoming tile project. We carry a full range of tile flooring and offer professional tile installation services. Visit us today to learn more about our tile products. 

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