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Wool is the original carpeting fiber. It has been around for centuries, and while it comes from the same source, much has changed with the production of wool carpeting over the years. Wool is a natural fiber that can be dyed to offer thousands of different colors and patterns. A beautifully woven wool carpet is considered vastly superior to nearly all other carpeting options out there. This is because it is strong, durable and is able to handle heavy foot traffic. If you want a top of the line carpeting installed inside of your home, wool might be the answer. 

Wool Carpet Wall to Wall

One of the main reasons to purchase wool carpeting is because of its performance value. It offers a superior texture retention due to the natural crimp found within wool. It also wears "gracefully".  If you've ever owned a wool sweater or clothing before, you know exactly what that means. It ages, but like a fine piece of leather, the weathering seems to add more character and charm to it. 

Wool Carpet Benefits

Wool does cost a bit more than other options, but when you consider the longevity of wool, its ability to hold up against the test of time and how it ages, it actually will cost you less in the long run. Think of wool more as an investment than an expense. While other home owners are constantly changing their carpeting with new microfiber options, wool is there for the long haul. It also requires less cleaning than the synthetic options, which is another money saving feature of wool. 

Wool Carpet Brands

Wool offers a very soft, natural feel to it. The organic nature of wool is not something replicated by a synthetic fiber. It also has a very elegant appearance to it. With modern technology producing new kinds of carpeting, it would have gone away if it did not maintain this high quality level while also proving financial beneficial in the long run.  Wool has been used as a course of clothing, shelter and warmth for centuries. Now, it is treated a bit differently, but a material does not remain a top used product for hundreds of years if it isn't a quality product. There is just nothing like going with the natural look and feel of wool. You just need to decide what look, color and design works best for you and your home or office.

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