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Top Waterproof Flooring Options

Having a durable floor that will last for years to come isn’t just a dream for homeowners, it’s a need. This is why hard surface brands, as well as soft surface, have continued to improve the quality of their floors with stronger fibers, locking systems, and waterproof material. 

Is Vinyl Flooring Waterproof?

When it comes to hard surface floors, brands like COREtec and Invincible have set the standard for LVT Flooring. Making an investment on a new floor shouldn’t mean it will begin to swell and expand a couple years down the road because of some moisture or liquid spills. Recently, Invincible has introduced its H20 Collection which provides waterproof flooring as a result of its locking installation system.  COREtec, has also taken the rout of advancements in installation by creating a floating floor that can be installed over any wet area. Additionally, COREtec is also made up of water resistant and recycled materials that will continue to lock out liquids. Though both Invincible and COREtec are common floors in high traffic areas, there upgrades have also come with more textures and styles making them perfect for any room in your home. 

Waterproof Carpet

Besides hard surface flooring, some soft surface brands have gone to great lengths to make carpet and rugs easier to maintain.  Some of these brands, including Sisal rugs, have developed stronger fibers to lock out water and dirt; and thus preventing more stains. One material that has proven to be the difference in water resistance is wool. Wool locks out water better than any other carpet materials. Seeing that wool comes from sheep, which spend their days outside in rain or shine, their wool protects them from water and the harsh sun. Fortunately, sheep are able to share their wool with the rest of us and make it easier to clean up any messes or spills. Though soft surface floors at 100% waterproof, their ability to upgrade and lock out water and dirt for longer makes your life much easier. 

Flooring brands understand the importance of developing floors that will be long lasting and durable. With accidents being a norm in any household, having a waterproof floor will continue to become a must need. 

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