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Tile Installation 

Once you have found the perfect tile for your next project from our showroom, we can help you get it installed. Carpet One Floor & Home in Wilmington, NC has professional installers to help you complete your tile project. Our flooring professionals not only help you choose the right tile for your project, but they can also guide you through the expectation of tile installation.

We feature Happy Floors and Bel Terra tile in our showroom. To learn more about tile, visit our tile guide page

Tile Installation Process

No matter the type of installation, we always recommend hiring a professional installer. Before every installation, we do a moisture test in areas where moisture is high or on an as-needed basis. Bathrooms and basements are the most common areas we test. Our flooring experts can help you find tiles based on your project needs. For example, porcelain tiles are great for bathrooms and laundry rooms because they are more water resistant than ceramic and will not expand due to contact with moisture. Tiles are normally dry-laid first to make sure they are correctly sized to the room, cut if needed, and then adhered to the floor with tile cement and grouted.

Where can Tile be Installed?

We are not limited to just installing tile on your floors, we also specialize in installation of tile on walls, in showers, and outside as patios. We can help you design and install custom backsplashes and showers with our tile selection, and transform your space into a personal retreat.

Wall to wall tile

Bathroom Tile

Tile is a great solution for bathrooms because of its resistance to moisture and heat. Many tiles come in slip resistant options as well, making your bathroom a little safer when wet. Tile can also be installed in your shower, and on your bathroom walls.

bel terra tile flooring

Kitchen Tile

Just like in your bathroom, you can have tile installed on your walls as a backsplash. Tile is an ideal choice for kitchens because of its moisture resistance and hard surface, so tiles are very easy to clean meaning accidentally spilling food will not cause disastrous damage to your floors.

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