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Soft Surface Flooring may have gotten the perception over the years for its difficulty to maintain. Keeping older carpets from staining and fading was a hassle. However, at out Carpet One Wilmington showroom you will come to find that soft surface floors have evolved, and you will no longer be spending your days scrubbing the floors to remove stains. Whether you are looking for carpet or area rugs, we have the widest selection of soft surface brands, styles, and textures. You shouldn’t have to give up your love for a soft surface floor, and with the latest technology in stain resistant floors you are sure to find the best floor for your home at our Carpet One Wilmington store. 

To learn more about our soft surface floors read below. 

Top Rated Carpet Brands

  • Stainmaster: Offers complete pet protections.

  • Tigressá®: Beautiful carpet options with the strength of a tiger.

  • Lees Carpet: Lees Carpets offer unbeatable warranties, protection, and extra strength

  • Carpet: Although not always the most important factor in buying a floor, price definitely has a lot to do with your choice and carpet prices tend to be budget friendly.

  • Carpet Trends: The last few years has seen a resurgence of brighter, bolder carpet flooring being installed. 

Carpet Tips & Tricks

  • Carpet Care: We want to make sure you have the knowledge to be able to care for your carpet in the best way.

  • The ADCs of Carpet: Learn the basics of carpet

  • Removing Hair from Carpet: Pet hair can make any carpet cleaning a nightmare- until now. 

  • Carpet Fading: You can add years to the life of your carpet with proper care and maintenance. 

Bedroom and Living Room Flooring Options

  • Bedroom Flooring: Nothing is more relaxing than walking into your bedroom and having your feet enveloped in a soft, warm and welcoming carpet. 

  • Wool Carpet: Wool is the original carpeting fiber. 

Top Area Rug Trends