How to Remove Hair From Carpet

Get stubborn hair out of your carpet with ease

How to Remove Hair From Carpet

Pet hair can make any carpet cleaning a nightmare. With the right tips and tricks however you can get your carpet as clean as new. Here are a few tips that can help get the job done right so that you can get back to loving your furry friend and stop worrying about their hairy messes.

How to Remove Long Hair From Carpet

Cleaning carpet can be difficult but with the right tips to remove pesky hair you can cut your job in half. The first method that can be both fun and easy is to use static to remove pet hair. Have you ever rubbed a balloon on your head and watched your hair stand on end, static can be used to remove hair as well, rub a balloon on your carpet and the hair will be naturally attracted to the static for easy removal. You can also use rubber gloves to create static which can help your carpet look brand new. If rubber gloves and balloons are not your style you can also use a rubber squeegee to create the static you need to remove hair.

Carpet Rake for Long Hair

Another helpful method is a carpet rake. This is just what it sounds like. Most stores carry rakes that are especially designed to agitate the hair and help with removal. These rakes are also designed so that they will not damage the carpet and so that they are smaller and easy to store in the home. You can use these rakes to also help get out embedded dirt and other grime that may be bothering you. After you have raked the carpet you just need to vacuum to remove the dirt and hair.

Vacuum Cleaner to Remove Long Hair from Carpet

The last method you may want to consider is to purchase a vacuum that is designed specifically to remove pet hair. Most brands carry one vacuum type or another that is designed with added suction, special brushes, and added attachments so that you can get the pet hair out quickly and easily. Pet hair vacuums are designed to remove pet hair from all types of carpet and can really help you to clean your home and get it looking just the way you want it in half the time. Cleaning carpet does not have to be a monumental task that takes forever if you have the right tricks up your sleeve.  

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