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Best Pet Friendly Flooring Options

When it comes to flooring options, if you live with pets, you're most likely looking for a material that is pet friendly. But does this mean your pet is okay with the floor, or the floor will be okay despite your pet? Ideally you'll be able to find flooring that accomplishes both, and looking for these four qualities will help you accomplish your mission:

  • scratch resistance
  • stain resistance
  • pet comfort
  • pet traction

 Here are a few options:

Waterproof Flooring for Pets

Vinyl is not only durable, it's resilient and resistant. It can stand up to animal traffic patterns. If your cat or dog, like his brethren, chooses the same path to his bed or bowl day after day, vinyl's protective layer not only maintains its uniform surface but is less likely to succumb to abrasion and scratches. As for resistance, that same tough layer repels not only provides protection against moisture and staining, but if it's microbial, it will resist mildew and mold, making it extremely friendly to your pet. Vinyl may also be better tolerated by older dogs who due to brittle nails and stiff joints are fearful of entering rooms with hardwood or ceramic tile floors lest their legs slide out from underneath them. 

If sheet vinyl is a good choice, vinyl tile is a better one, since should one or two begin to show wear, they can be removed and new ones put in their place. Many brands offer adhesive backing, making this a simple process.

Best Flooring For Pets that have Accidents

Laminate flooring options whether designed to resemble hardwood or stone are equally pet friendly, and for the same reasons. Laminate resists stains, scratches, odors, and dents. Damp mopping cleans up the inevitable accidents and spills while regular dust mopping and/or vacuuming is all that's needed to maintain its good looks. And while dogs may be prone to sliding on laminate, its kinder to them, in that they'll be less likely to be banned from rooms with laminate floors than they would from rooms with easily-scratched wood floors. 

What type of Carpet is Best for Dogs?

Pets may consider carpeting their friend, more so than vice versa but if you really have your mind set on carpet, you might want to limit its use to areas with low pet traffic such as bedrooms or dining rooms. Modern technology has come to your rescue in that you can choose either carpets constructed of fibers that help resist staining or soiling, or ones that have been treated with a protectant that prevents spills or accidents from penetrating into it. You can also add insurance if you lay the carpet over a pad that will protect the underlying floor. And while it's pretty safe to say dogs and cats would choose carpet over anything else, it's best to stay away from looped varieties that can snag their nails or claws.

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