Engineered Vinyl Planks

The benefits and durability to engineered vinyl flooring

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What is Engineered Vinyl Flooring?

There’s something timeless about the classic look of hardwood. However, hardwood can be a challenge to maintain, is not suitable for every room, and is also a pricier floor. What if you could have the look of hardwood flooring for a fraction of the price that can even perform better, too? Engineered vinyl planks are your answer to that question, because if you choose to go with luxury vinyl plank flooring, you can have all of those things.

Engineered Vinyl Plank 

Engineered vinyl plank flooring is what it sounds like: pieces of vinyl that are shaped into planks. Once the planks are shaped, they can even be given dings and bumps like actual hardwood has on its surface.

Vinyl planks are also eco-friendly to install since they use a method of installation called the click and lock method. All you have to do is click the pieces together which avoids using glues or chemicals.

If you’re worried about upkeep, vinyl plank flooring requires little more maintenance than a little sweeping and weekly mopping. Vinyl is a very resilient floor and will stand up to heavy or dropped objects. Not only that, vinyl is a moisture resistant floor and so is suitable for any room from living room to kitchen. You can even put the wood-like floors in the bathroom without worrying about warping!

Since vinyl is a manufactured floor it can really be made to resemble anything you want from wood to stone to tile. With all the options of color, design and texture we have at Wilmington Carpet One, you can be sure to find a product that fits your taste and lifestyle!

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