Home Design Ideas Wilmington, NC


Whether you’re starting from scratch, remodeling or just touching up, every project begins with inspiration. While reviewing interior design ideas against layout and function can be extremely fun, it can also be overwhelming at times. Don’t worry though, we’re here to help expand your design inspiration! Come visit our showroom in Wilmington, NC to view or products, or feel free to peruse our site for more ideas.

If you’re still uncertain on how to begin, the best we can offer is to start simple. Here are four of our favorite simple home design tips to help you start out:

4 home design tips to help you get started

Go exploring

Exotic and eco-friendly materials such as cork and bamboo are gaining popularity not only for their beautiful look, but also for their environmentally friendly attributes. Once you’ve chosen a floor, think about accenting to play up the neutral feel of your room.

Take advantage of your space

From shelves and cabinets under a staircase to storage under your kitchen island, organization is no longer just about function. Hanging jars or shelves on the walls can add a fashionable element to your room while providing usability as well. Organization has never been so stylish!

Brighten up

While you can add it in stages or all at once, color really adds so much to a room. You can use color anywhere from accent pillows to accent walls to paintings or even on your furniture. There are so many options for using color; you can highlight one color or blend a few together.

Make it your own

This tip is our favorite and arguably most important: don’t forget to make it your own! The room you are designing is yours, so take inspiration from your favorite things like flowers, fruits, patterns or styles. Think about the type of space you want to come home to and make your home your dream home.