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Advantages of Ceramic Floor Tile

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Floor Tile Design Ideas

Ceramic tile flooring is a versatile option for any room. Tile is available in many colors and finishes that can complement any design aesthetic. At Wilmington Carpet One in Wilmington, NC we carry a great product selection. Come into our showroom today to see our products or speak with one of our flooring consultants!

What is Tile Flooring?

Ceramic tiles are made out of natural materials like clay and sand. These materials are mixed together and shaped and fired. The process of firing the tile makes the clay durable as it hardens the mixture. Usually, the fired clay will be glazed to ensure a scratch resistant surface.

Where is Tile Used?

While tile is most commonly used for flooring, there are many other uses for tile such as walls, counter tops, showers and even fireplace borders. There are differences in floor tile and wall tile, so make sure you are using the right one for where you are placing it. Often, wall tiles will have a thicker glaze which will become slippery when wet and pose a potential danger as floor tile. Among its many benefits, tile is flame-proof and able to withstand high heat. This makes it perfect for bordering a fireplace and also as a backsplash behind a kitchen stove. Heat will not affect the tile and the glazed surface makes tile super easy to clean!

Tile is easy to maintain, durable, fade resistant and hypoallergenic which really makes it the perfect material for so many household applications! From a kitchen backsplash to an outdoor walkway, consider tile for your next project!

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