How to Prevent Fading

Use these tips to ensure that your new carpet does not fade

You can add years to the life of your carpet with proper care and maintenance. One of the main reasons why carpet needs to be replaced is because it has faded with age. Prevent your carpet color from fading with the following tips.

Sun Damage to Carpet

Sunlight is one of the main contributors to carpet fading -- with daily exposure, colors will begin to lose their vibrancy. You can help to keep your carpet looking new by drawing the blinds or using curtains to decrease sun exposure during the day. This is especially important in south or east-facing rooms that receive strong sunlight exposure. Also, you can add protection to your floor. Some carpet stores offer a spray-on application that will help to block UV rays. The application becomes less effective over time, so with each professional carpet cleaning, have the protection reapplied.

Carpet Fading Causes

Other lifestyle behaviors can contribute to carpet fading. Keep it looking as beautiful as possible as you stay aware of how you and family members treat the carpet. Wearing shoes or eating on the carpet does not inherently cause fading, but stains from mud or food mean that you'll need to occasionally scrub out dirty spots. Common cleaners have chemicals that can affect the color of your carpet. After several years of cleaning occasional marks, the carpet can begin to look faded.

Also, you should encourage family members to wear socks. Lotions, medicated creams, and other foot applications can have a fading effect. If everybody wears socks indoors, you won't have to worry as much about fading.

You can also prevent fading by using gentle carpet cleaning methods on a regular basis. Vacuuming can prevent fading from ground-in dirt and dust. Use salt, baking soda, and vinegar as your main stain removal tools, instead of opting for harsher chemical cleaners. Finally, rely on professional stain removal and cleaning services.

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