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Our Carpet Selection

At Carpet One Floor & Home of Wilmington, NC, we take enormous pride in offering all of the latest and most innovative carpet varieties under one roof. We understand that many of us have our beloved brands that we hold dear, and rest assured, you’ll find all your favorite carpet brands here. That being said- don’t be surprised if you come away with a new, Carpet One Floor & Home exclusive favorite! Either way, we promise to help you find just what you need for your upcoming renovation.

Need some help deciding? Our exclusive SelectAFloor System can assist you in choosing according to your lifestyle needs and coverage desires.

Wool Carpet Brands

Wool is a wonder of nature that’s coveted by many. Its organic fibers are naturally sourced from sheep flocks, for carpeting that has a very long life. Renewable, hypoallergenic, and resistant to mold and mildew, wool carpeting has a lot to offer us.

Top Carpet Brands

Our Carpet One Floor & Home exclusive carpet brands are truly remarkable, and we can’t wait to introduce you to the many, many exciting rug options we carry: brands such as Lees, Innovia, Tigressa, and so much more.

Featured Carpet Brands

Lees carpet


Lees is a leader in pet-proof and child-proof carpeting, with its impressive stain-resistance and durability. Boasting the ability to repel liquids four times faster than traditional carpets, Lees also stands out due to its amazing 25-year “No Exclusions” stain warranty.

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Innovia Xtreme Clean carpet

Innovia Touch Xtreme Clean

Blending natural fibers with a comprehensive dyeing process, Innovia Touch Xtreme Clean carpeting is incredibly durable, silky smooth, and won’t ever stain or fade. Although accidents are bound to happen, this impressive family of carpeting products can hold their own against the inevitable, preventing stains and odors from taking up permanent residence.

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Tigressa Cherish carpet


Showing us that soft and supple is anything but weak; Tigressa H20 is completely waterproof, and ever resilient. With its enhanced colors and enduring nylon fibers, Tigressa H20 is luxurious to the touch, with the strength of a tiger. Best of all, you’ll never worry about spills and stains seeping into your subfloor.

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