Bedroom Flooring Ideas

Learn about our variety of carpets for your bedrooms

Bedroom Flooring Ideas

Nothing is more relaxing than walking into your bedroom and having your feet enveloped in a soft, warm and welcoming carpet. While you may not want to get a high-pile carpet for the rest of your home due to the heavy traffic, your bedroom flooring is one place that you can indulge your love of comfort and need for peace and serenity after a long, hard day. Here's why carpet is still one of the best options for your bedroom. 

Carpets for Bedrooms

The fibers in carpeting reduce not only the sound of footsteps going through your home, but also can muffle sounds overall. Will putting carpet in your bedroom stop you from hearing that barking dog next door? Probably not, but it is the bedroom flooring option that will help reduce the overall sound levels and provide you with a serene and comfortable ambiance. 

There's just something about walking into a room with carpeting that makes you feel as though you're coming home. Whether your feet sink into the pile or float above on a tighter weave, stepping on carpet is a warm and welcoming end to your day, and an indication to your body that it's time to rest. Adding cushioning beneath the carpet makes it even softer and it can definitely soothe aching feet, legs and backs as soon as you begin to walk on it. 

Modern Wall to Wall Carpet Color

As you're designing your dream bedroom, keeping flooring options in mind allows you to canvas unique elements of your home. Carpet can be the foundation upon which you build to pull together everything from walls to window treatments, and the wide variety of flooring options with carpet will give you plenty of ideas to get your mind off and running. 

When you're selecting flooring options for master bedroom, keep in mind that you will want a sanctuary that you can come to at the end of a hard day--one that will welcome you and can be tailored to fit your personal style. 

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