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Carpet-One-Floor-and-Home-Wilmington-NC-Lees-CarpetsCheck out a favorite brand of ours:

So you’ve shopped around. You’ve considered all the different flooring materials as well as floor coverings, and you’ve chosen carpet, the soft and warm option that’s perfect for living rooms, bedrooms, playrooms and more. Now that you’ve chosen carpet, though, the possibilities really begin to expand. There are a number of factors to consider such as carpet texture and style. And just think about all the carpet colors to consider! Just like with many items in your home, you tend to choose certain brands over others, and flooring is probably no different. So, we at Carpet One Floor & Home in Wilmington, NC are sharing all the details about one of our most popular brands: Lees Carpet. The Lees name has always been synonymous with quality. Our Lees carpets feature a great warranty, the Titanium Warranty, which lasts for the life of the floor (and includes pet stains). Lees uses top quality carpet fibers and innovative manufacturing techniques when creating their carpets. We think it’s no wonder they have been around as long as they have!

While Lees has been in business for almost 200 years, they make sure to constantly evolve and innovate to reach the modern customer. They do this by introducing new carpet lines and products to their repertoire. The newest line introduced by Lees is called Lees Studio 1846. This line is full of contemporary and fashion forward products and is geared towards the modern and trendy household. Lees Studio 1846 is not only beautiful in design, it is also durable and protective.

Check out some of our Lees products here.

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